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Boy Friday



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Alice has a way of making things happen.

Green lights all the way to work, Snagging that dream job or that moment when you really don’t want to go out, but can’t bring yourself to flake. Then, Boom, they text YOU to postpone! Damn you Karen for cancelling, Thank. You. Alice!



Approx - 45cm

Materials -

0.7mm Silk thread

Seed Beads

Sterling silver clasps and hardware.


Shipping & Returns


Orders are processed the usual days Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

If there is going to be a delay for any other reason than public holidays, you will be notified.

Care Instructions

All Boy Friday beaded pieces are handmade

Therefore are quite delicate.

This doesn’t mean you can’t party!

It just means you have to be a little less aggressive with her!

Try to always roll on your bracelet to prevent it from the ol’ stretch and breakages

For optimal lifespan try to avoid contact with water, moisture, chlorine and other chemicals!

So anything fun!

Kidding - Just don’t do the dishes and clean the shower!

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